Frinsa Blue Honey

Frinsa Blue Honey

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Green figs, plums & molasses sweetness, with a full, textured mouthfeel

Roaster's Notes: 

As is the case with most of our experimental lots, we don’t allow development time to stretch on too long, which might then obscure the unusual sensory attributes created by the blue honey process.

Roast style:  Progressive

Coffee Origin Information:

This is part of a series of experimental lots of naturals performed by Farmer Wildan Mustafa at Frinsa Estate. The Blue Honey is a combination of the honey process made popular in central America,and the traditional ‘Giling Basah’ (wet-hulled) method.

  • Region: West Bandung Regency, West Java, Java
  • Variety: Sigarar Utang & others
  • Altitude: 1400m ASL
  • Processing: Experimental
  • Producer: Wildan Mustofa and family at Frinsa Estate
  • Harvest: 2019